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Someday Cafe Community

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Art Classes Start this weekend in Davis SQ!!! [13 Sep 2007|07:41pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Art Classes @ the Somerville Education Cooperative


Instructor: Diana Rice

Venue: the Willoughby and Baltic Studio, 195g Elm St., Davis Square, Somerville.



Life Drawing Class


Sundays, 11-2 P.M., drop in, $15 a session.


This class is suitable for mature artists of all skill levels.  Learn about anatomy, gesture, proportion, shading, contraposto, mood, and expression.  We will study a combination of short and long poses.  Bring in a large pad of paper, pencils, erasers, and or charcoal.  Begins Sept. 16th.



Friendly Art Crit


Sundays, 3:00-4:30 P.M. drop in, $10/nonmembers, $6/members.


Come by the gallery and show us the latest piece you’ve been working on.  The crit will be moderated for optimal productivity. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on your art from people in the arts community.  Share ideas, opinions, and constructive criticism on other artist’s work.  Connect with new people in the arts community.



Beginning Drawing


Mondays, beginning Sept. 17, 7-9 P.M. 5 weeks,

$150/nonmembers, $130/members


This class is designed to give students a solid foundation in the fundamentals of drawing. The skills necessary to render a subject 3-dimensionally will be taught through a variety of exercises, using still life subjects and eventually the human model. 

Observational techniques, composition, and different artistic approaches will be explored as students use a variety of mediums to render the subject.



This class is perfect for beginners with little or no experience drawing, and an excellent refresher for the advanced artist who wants to review basic principles or improve his or her skill level.





The Art of the Portrait


Tuesdays beginning Sept.18.  7-9 P.M.  5 sessions.

$150/nonmembers, $130/members


Students will develop the technical and interpretive tools that will help them render the human face.  We will cover technical aspects such as posing the model, lighting, background, proportion, shading, and texture.  Interpretive aspects of gesture, mood, color, expression, and abstraction will also be covered.





About the instructor:


Diana Rice is a fine artist specializing in portraiture. Her work is in over thirty private collections worldwide.  She studied at the Museum School, Pratt Institute, and at the Massachusetts College of Art.


She taught first grade Saturday art classes in Brooklyn, NY, ran the Drawing Group at Pratt, and taught drawing to incoming freshmen at Mass Art.  She has sketched so many people on the T, in parks, and in cafes that there’s a chance that she has a picture of you in one of her bazillion sketchbooks. 


You can see her portrait website at www.dianariceart.com, and her academic and professional profile on LinkedIn with recommendations and references.



 The Somerville Education Cooperative is committed to providing quality lifelong learning opportunities for both its business and residential adult community members. We are a non-profit cooperative (501c3 status pending) that provides programs that support the community to reach their educational goals, regardless of residence. We provide social, cultural, and vocational programs to adults and children alike, in an endeavor to provide high quality classes at a reasonable cost.


Register or learn more at:


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Save the Someday meeting - Sunday 7/16, 5 pm [15 Jul 2006|08:31pm]


If you want to save the Someday Café, please go to the Someday tomorrow (Sunday) at 5 pm for an important community meeting. Peter Creyf, owner of Mr. Crepe, will be there. So will Rebekah Gewirtz, the alderman for Ward 6, which includes Davis Square. And so will the Someday employees who hope to take the café over from Gus Rancatore.

More information here and here.
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Someday Cafe Community - new Google Group [09 Jul 2006|07:38am]

Craig Swanson and Cori Couture have set up a Google Group for people interested in the future of the Someday Cafe:


The initial membership was a list of e-mail addresses collected at the counter over the past few days, but it's open to anyone.
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Someday Café will CLOSE by August 15 [26 Jun 2006|10:10pm]

I just came back from Someday, and confirmed the bad news. The landlord (Chatham Light Realty) is making them leave, and the owner (Gus Rancatore, of Toscanini's ice cream) is disinclined to reopen it elsewhere in Davis Square. Unless someone changes his mind, the cafe must vacate by August 15, and most likely will close around August 1.

If you don't want this to happen, call Richard at Chatham Light, 617-354-4466 , and e-mail gus@tosci.com .
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[04 Feb 2005|05:53pm]

Hello there.

I have only been to the Someday Cafe once and it was quite some time ago...2001 or 2000. I'm not quite sure.

Any way just thought I would post because that one time I went there was a huge impact on me because of these events:

I went in there with my best friend and some people she knew. Being the rowdy teenagers that we were at the time we being a bit loud. A woman sitting near us looked annoyed and got up and left. We were talking about how we hoped she hadn't left because of us when all of a sudden she came back. She came right up to me and said something along these lines, " I don't want you to freak out, but someday you are going to be a great writer." She handed me her notebook and a pen and said "I want you to start now."

It was really odd because I had been talking with my best friend about wanting to be a writer when I grew up a fews weeks prior.

Now I am in college and taking writing courses in hopes of being a great writer as the woman told me I would be.

Hopefully her prediction will come true...only time will tell.

Just thought I would share my interesting story with everyone. Thanks for listening.
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[13 Jul 2004|09:19am]

I am moving out possibly this weekend and I really need to get rid of stuff. I have a couple chairs:
1) black and possibly leather
2) white and definitely leather

small book case
huge dresser

I don't have a car, so you would need to pick up.

Prices are negotiable. Come by and check 'em out. :)
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Incase someone's looking to sublet, too.... [12 Apr 2004|10:26pm]

Hi, my room mate and I are looking to sublet for the summer.

I am a nineteen-year old vegetarian feminist lesbian who loves to meet new people and drinks lotsa coffee. My roomie recently graduated from college and is just surviving like the rest of us. We both greatly enjoy music.

We're looking for something around Harvard, Porter, Davis, or Central. Depending on the area, we're open. :)
We would each like to have our own room, and pay no more than around $375, - utilities.

Hit us up and we'll shoot you and email.

Thank you!
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[05 Oct 2003|03:20pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hi. I just found this community and I've been going to Someday for some time and this is really great.

My question is this... I'm wondering if it would be possible to set up a salon (of sorts) on a designated night every other week in the cafe? It would be an open forum where people could come and sit down and engage in conversation about different issues. I attended one at a cafe in Skowhegan, Maine. It was superb to see a group of strangers just sit down to drink some coffee or tea and discuss philosophy and politics and other questions and ideas in a setting that is structured so it doesn't get out of hand and everyone is allowed to speak.

Any weeknight would be great and I'm pretty sure it would bring in an interesting and diverse group of people. If this is at all possible, my email address is sinatrarocksmysocks@hotmail.com. I'm inquiring to other cafes as well to see what results I can get.


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music / art [13 Feb 2003|09:48pm]



anybody know anybody who wants to perform on any given tuesday night at the someday cafe? only rule is, no loud drum kit.. neighbors will complain.. (sound tends to bleed into the movie theatres.. oops..)

drop by and ask about it. ask for alex or me (tiffany) and leave your contact info if alex or i aren't around.

also, if you want an art show, or know someone who does, you can always drop some photographs of your art (not returnable sorry) and leave your contact info with them. and ask for wendy or me (again)

if we like it we'll call you, if we don't like it we won't. that's all there is to it.
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if it ain't broke.... [02 Nov 2002|01:47am]

Okay so for about eight years I've been getting the coffee from the counter then walking the trash can to the table in front of the espresso machines to administer obscene amounts of sugar to my caffinated beverage.
I could do it with my eyes closed (which they generally are before I have coffee). But the sugars not there anymore...

No, they just go and move the entire table. I walk to where the sugar should be, get a real confused look on my face and then remember that it's been moved.

I don't like it.
It's like switching from boxers to briefs.
It's bad and it goes against the natural order in life.
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Hate me if you want. [17 Oct 2002|02:56pm]

[ mood | pissed off, depressed, etc. ]

I go away for a couple of weeks and the whole world turns upside down. At least dylanashes warned me...but still, I of course went there as soon as I got home from my trip, and no warning could have prepared me for the devastation I found at my surrogate living room.

I might have been able to adapt had I not gone into the bathroom. The famous Someday bathroom? Not anymore...I had always meant to take a picture of the walls in there and send it to my mom or something...I never did because I figured it would always be there and I could do it anytime. But the half-assed paintjob in there made me want to scream.

And the couch is gone! The big wonderful ripped nearly to shreds leather couch! I lived on that thing. That in itself is more than I can bear.

I can sort of see how they needed more room behind the counter, so for practical changes and additions, I have no problem, although those lights at the front are sort of wrong for the place. And what's with all the new people? I can't remember ever going in there and not seeing two or three or ten people I knew working there. I go there way too much to suddenly feel like I walked into the wrong address by mistake.

I had this problem as a kid. I'd get home from school and find that my mom had rearranged all the furniture. My room was suddenly down the hall and the only way I knew it was my house I'd walked into was that there were still pictures of me on the wall. I couldn't deal with that kind of trauma then, and I can't deal with it now. I've tried a few times to walk into Someday, but it just isn't happening. Fuck. Now I have to find a new place to spend 50% of my tim

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[09 Oct 2002|04:39pm]

Yay, Someday Cafe's my home away from home.

...it may be a sore subject, but may I ask why they're making all the changes? Also, what are all of the changes going to be?

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[09 Oct 2002|02:17am]

Well, I went by the cafe tonight for the first time since the changes, since I'd been out of town. It was a shock, but not as huge as I'd been fearing. Of course, that's partly 'cos a few things have been relaxed since the initial overhaul. I was glad to see there were still some couches and stuff, though the whole front area just felt way too empty and uninviting to me.

I'm worried about how things are gonna work for Computer Cave Man, with the new setup, but I s'pose it'll work out.

Anyway, the Someday still feels way cozier than Diesel and it's still my home-away-from-home. And still the only place I can go to chill on a real couch, too, even if I may have to wait in line. So I'm expecting to be there just as often as I have been, even if it feels a little weird to me for now. We'll make it feel comfortable again.
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[09 Oct 2002|01:47am]

stares blankly... :.: erm :.:

ill be there next weekend.?

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Someday Cafe................... [03 Oct 2002|10:12pm]

hey, decided after reading the Someday Cafe Livejournal that a community was needed as well.. there was a suggestion about it, so here it is...

i work there, i care about the place, i care about what you all think.. so this is where you can think it.. and have it be heard.
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